Friday, February 26, 2016

Digging back in, and a big announcement to be made soon

The Return of Heroes is finally back in full swing. Originally delays had been due to some health issues my editor was working through, but then they turned into my own. I'd been feeling poorly for a few months and my wife finally convinced me to see a specialist. A CAT scan of my head revealed that an infection was trapped in a small malformed sinus behind my left ear. According to the doctor, its been there for at least three years, possibly longer. So I'm currently undergoing a round of seriously intense antibiotics. Some of this stuff is what they use to kill MRSA and I have to say that at least in the short term... the cure is worse than the disease. I won't bore or revile you with the details, but it hasn't been fun and it's hard to write under those conditions. The good news is that the medication does seem to be working. I am finally feeling better and in the last few days my writing has picked back up.

In other news... there is a big announcement coming soon. I can't give out any details, but I will say this - it's connected to Batman vs Superman.  :)

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